The Studios


– Recording Studio

– Mastering Facility

– Mobile Recording Studio

– Web Studio


Recording Studio

One Voice Studio offers two high quality recording and mixing systems available today. We record our music to the highest specification. With attention to detail and technology we invest time and effort to perfectly capture the musical compositions on recordings. We take great care in maintaining the atmosphere and integrity of the artistic performance.

Centered around Pro Tools system, a great microphones collection and prestigious monitors Genelec, One Voice get the best out of an artist. The live room provides the perfect ambient recording space for bands and clients will find an acoustically perfect control room for mixing.

We provide an accurate sound which truly reflects the mix when listened to outside the studio.



The last creative step in the production of a music CD. With our dedicated mastering facility we are capable of preparing audio for every consumer format: Vinyl mastering, CD mastering and Digital download.


Mobile Studio

We install a recording studio in the location that best suits the production. Ideal situation to record classical and choral music.


Web Studio

With broadband internet, I can collaborate effectively even if we’re on different sides of the world.

Send me your music. After the mix or mastering has been done, you download it.
You listen to it. You might want to make some adjustments.
Send me detailed information on what you would like to improve/change to your music, and I will do it.


[..Studio Equipment..]


Some select works:

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered




coma_1pot_1_0 tapir_absinth





tmk_2012gtdk ribeye_1


Mastered (Vinyl)


capricorn_1monstermgt_1 Huge7





Silver Addiction


2012 – Recorded and Mixed

Genres : Glam, Rock







Go To Die Killed


2012 – Mastered

Genres : Metal





tmk_2012 The Textbook of Modern Karate


2012 – Mastered


Genres : Experimental / Electronica






Violent, Acid, Way

2011 – Recorded, mixed and mastered.


Genres: Death-Thrash-Sludge





Grand Met Bondye

Grand Met Bondye

2011 – Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered.






A New Dawn Fades

2011 – Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered.









Towards Higher Consciousness

2010 – Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered.







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